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About Lin & PINK MOON CO.


About lin & pink moon

Founded by Lin Chen, PINK MOON was created from a passion for building brands, storytelling, and helping indie + ethical eco-conscious companies to find their voice, strategically grow sales, and expand overseas. As a marketing communications professional with an emphasis on consumer lifestyle and beauty industries, Lin has worked with clients in various industries, ranging from startup to international public brand and B2B tech to luxury organic skincare. 

Lin has an intimate familiarity with various dimensions of the eco-beauty space. Her journey in this industry began when she was an intern for 100% Pure, one of the first companies to bring plant-based beauty to the masses. It is here where she started to hone her skills in PR, marketing and sales. Her passion for the wellness industry continued to blossom and she infectiously shared this with others as a customer guide, social media manager and event coordinator at Ayla Beauty, a San Francisco healthy beauty retailer. Eventually, she joined luxury organic skincare brand Bottega Organica as their Marketing & Sales Director. Despite having joined the team only shortly after their launch, Lin's tenacity helped to create a strong foundation for the company's success. Her notable accomplishments include single-handedly launching the brand in 30 retailers across the world in under one year and tripling their online e-commerce sales year-over-year. 

Lin's experience and passion ultimately led her to create PINK MOON. She has completely immersed herself in every dimension of the eco-wellness space possible, making her knowledge invaluable and her vision unparalleled.

To align with Lin's values and mission to live a healthy, holistic eco lifestyle, PINK MOON thoughtfully curates women-owned brands that share similar ethos in sustainability and wellness + products that are ethically made with the environment and health in mind.

The meaning behind “Pink Moon”: Deciding to name my business Pink Moon was deeply symbolic 🌙 The pink moon occurs every year in April, and its name was inspired by the reappearance of wild phlox, one of Spring’s earliest flowers (many of which have pink petals).⁣

The pink moon has been thought of as a symbol of regeneration, rejuvenation, rebirth, and renewal. Its appearance has also often been an indicator of Spring, a chance to bloom and start again.