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5YINA is a holistic seasonal organic skincare brand that was founded by doctors of Chinese medicine / modern-day alchemists, Angela Chau and Ervina Wu, and is based in San Francisco Bay Area. Every step of the products is handcrafted. From the actual glass bottles, botanical extraction, blending, and to the final bottling. Using the highest grade and sustainably-sourced botanicals that are wildcrafted or certified organic, 5YINA presents a collection that is pure, effective, and luxuriously beautiful to use.

5YINA creates absolutely beautiful and effective face oil blends, hydrolats, an essential oil-free multi-purpose beauty balm, and a skin-perfecting sheet mask.


violets are blue

Violets Are Blue is handcrafted – in small batches and with lots of love – in NYC and CO and was created from a personal need for skincare that is natural and safe for the body and the environment. Using gentle ingredients like calendula and carrot seed oil, Violets Are Blue was formulated for individuals with sensitive or maturing skin. After her personal journey with breast cancer, former Broadway actress Cynthia Besteman wanted to create a skincare line that was effective yet clean and thoughtfully formulated and crafted. 

Violets Are Blue's line consists of a glow-inducing face serum / oil, a gentle facial scrub, soothing clay mask, award-winning body scrub, bestselling deodorants, scar repair serum, lavender lip balm, a lightweight face/body lotion, an ultra rich body cream, a creamy facial cleanser, and a healing foot salve.


Earthwise Beauty

Earthwise Beauty makes high-performance luxury botanical skincare that feels over-the-top lush and smells of wildflowers, dew-covered meadows, and mimosas in bloom. Founded by herbalist and flower essence practitioner Ava Zhan, the product formulas are based on ancient herbal-healing traditions from around the world, passed down by generations of healers, and on advanced therapeutic aromatherapy. Each formula is painstakingly developed, tested, and mixed in small batches to imbue it with a lovingly handcrafted energy. 

In Earthwise Beauty's line, you'll find highly potent yet highly effective herbal serums and face oils, healing masks, a soothing vegan mist and toner, unique cream-gel moisturizers, a luxurious "miracle-worker" eye serum, an earthy therapeutic body oil, and a non-pore-clogging SPF powder.


Kaliks Collective

Kaliks Collective is an advocate for simple yet luxurious skincare rituals that feel indulgent and empowering. The formulations are consciously created for efficacy, delight and adoration. Founded by certified herbalist and functional nutrition counselor Allison Hodge, Kaliks Collective believes in taking time for self-care and connecting with the healing magic of nature’s botanical gifts that inspire, nourish and support vitality. All products are handcrafted with healthy, organic and / or wildcrafted ingredients that are sourced directly from nature.

This apothecary line for skin, body and home includes a clay + rose petal powder cleanser, a balancing face oil, uplifting lavender hydrosol, and a calming bath soak.


Mālayā Organics

Mālayā Organics is committed to creating 100% natural face, body and hair products using only the highest quality, organic, wildcrafted, biodynamic, and ethically sourced ingredients. Formulated by Katya Slepak, who has an extensive background in skincare product development, Mālayā Organics is handcrafted in small batches. The formulas are filled with phytonutrient-dense whole-plant extracts, that are infused in-house to ensure ultimate potency. These restorative blends are intricately multilayered and brimming with nourishing plant oils and essences.

The line consists of skin and body products including a lightweight vitamin-rich face serum / oil that's crafted with 26 active botanicals, an herbal facial steam, black clay facial bar, raw wild honey neem mask, two bestselling body oils, two botanical-rich gentle body polishes, luxuriously scented nontoxic (coconut wax) candles, a soothing body bar, giftable bath products, a revitalizing hair oil, and lavender lip balm.


Bella Aura Skincare

'Bella Aura' means beautiful aura: Your own reflective image that represents both inner and outer beauty, the deep glow from within that illuminates your complexion. Bella Aura blends modern science with ancient spiritual knowledge drawn from Berber, Chinese, and Mediterranean herbal medicine traditions. Bella Aura's philosophy centers on treating the root of imbalance to restore skin's youthful health + vitality, to protect skin from everyday environmental stressors, and to defy free radicals. Formulated with advanced Swiss bio-actives, Bella Aura was created by Yasmine Jones from a personal need for an effective, gentle skincare line to transform and heal troubled complexions. Bella Aura uses luxurious base oils such as argan, fig de barbary, nigella sativa, and neroli oils – blended with Swiss bio-actives such as black oats, barley, daisy flower, and olive leaf, and combined with powerful antioxidants, amino acids, minerals, peptides, and vitamins – to create a sophisticated serum-in-cream emulsion.

Bella Aura's mission is to create real skincare products for real people: A simplified yet complete and effective line of five multi-purpose products – a gentle creamy-gel cleanser, two face moisturizers specified for AM and PM, a booster serum to protect skin from environmental elements and toxins, and an eye contour lotion that addresses tired eyes and signs of aging.


modern minerals makeup

Modern Minerals Makeup believes that beauty is whole, and interconnected, and that our emotive qualities are reflected in our physical features. With mindful moods, we can empower ourselves by making thoughtful choices and living gracefully on this earth. Emotive makeup evokes feelings of compassion, love, happiness and bliss, so that all of that loveliness can be your best face forward. 

The line consists of safe mineral-based cosmetic products for face, eyes, and lips as well as a unique range of "emotive" products, which are infused with Lotus Wei essences. Each Lotus Wei infused product is created with special flower and energetic gemstone essence.


belly buttons & Babies

Handcrafted in Canada, Belly Buttons & Babies is a 100% certified organic, award-winning body and skincare line created for mom, baby & toddler. Every ingredient is an organically and ethically sourced plant botanical – no synthetics, artificial colors, or anything potentially harmful to the mind, body and environment. 

The line includes bubble baths, a natural sunscreen, body lotions, conditioning hair detangler, shampoo/body washes, a bug spray, and a multipurpose all over balm.


Prim botanicals

Prim Botanicals is an all-natural brand that sources as many lush, tropical ingredients as possible to pay homage to its Filipino roots. Every product has been developed with an in-house aesthetician. Prim is a celebration of all things fun, fresh, pretty, natural and effective.

The product range includes the core collection of face, hair and body oils; the Proper collection which includes a refreshing grapefruit rose body scrub, a citrus floral perfume oil, and a peachy nude lip sheen; and the Not Proper collection which consists of a detoxifying eucalyptus coffee body scrub, a sultry deep berry lip sheen, and a spicy rose perfume oil.

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harmony + blossom

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