Current clients we work with and love.


Current clients

Brands we work with and love. We carefully vet and test each brand before adding to the PINK MOON family, so you can be rest assured that each brand is clean, effective and thoughtfully crafted with the highest quality ingredients.

If you're a boutique, spa, wellness center, concept store, online shop, or distributor and are interested in carrying one of the below brands, please send us a note at info (at)




Mongolia's first natural global skincare brand. Lhamour is a mission-driven brand that’s revolutionizing the Mongolian economy, empowering local citizens, celebrating Mongolian landscapes and people, and ultimately changing the way the world sees Mongolia.

Rooted in the philosophy of love – love for yourself, others, and the environment, Lhamour is more than a skincare brand. It is truly founded on the basis of love. The founder, Khulan Davaadorj – named ‘Woman of the Year’ by the Prime Minister of Mongolia in 2016 – is a strong advocate for the empowerment of women, environmental justice and the marginalized populations of Mongolia. Through her business, Khulan hopes to bring global awareness of Mongolia's beautiful landscapes, rich traditions, and hardworking people; and, Lhamour aims to be a company that gives back whenever possible.

Lhamour is an inclusive line and creates products for everyone: women (including expecting/nursing mothers), babies, kids, and men. Particularly, the products are effectively healing for eczema, extremely dry skin, scars and wounds, and other complex skin issues. An allergy hospital in Mongolia uses Lhamour’s soaps and body butters on eczema and psoriasis patients with successful results. All the raw materials are ethically, sustainably sourced from Mongolia’s natural bounty – including sea buckthorn, rosehip, nettle, thyme, and yak's milk.


Earthwise Beauty

Earthwise Beauty makes high-performance luxury botanical skincare that feels over-the-top lush and smells of wildflowers, dew-covered meadows, and mimosas in bloom. Founded by herbalist and flower essence practitioner Ava Zhan, the product formulas are based on ancient herbal-healing traditions from around the world, passed down by generations of healers, and on advanced therapeutic aromatherapy. Each formula is painstakingly developed, tested, and mixed in small batches to imbue it with a lovingly handcrafted energy. 

Earthwise Beauty is filled with fresh and minimally processed active botanical ingredients—most of which are organic, wildcrafted and/or fair trade. The essential oils and absolutes used are all sourced from artisan distillers and are therapy grade. In addition to their commitment to quality, Earthwise Beauty is certified cruelty free, offers many vegan options and is committed to using recyclable and compostable materials.

In Earthwise Beauty's line, you'll find highly potent yet highly effective herbal serums and face oils, healing masks, a soothing vegan mist and toner, unique cream-gel moisturizers, a congestion-fighting face balm, a luxurious "miracle-worker" eye serum, an earthy therapeutic body oil, and a non-pore-clogging sun protectant powder.


woods wild botanicals

WOODS Wild Botanicals is an integrative skincare brand founded by Italian architect turned floral designer and certified aromatherapist, Donna.

Donna lovingly created holistic and nourishing skin potions with the unique understanding of how humans interact with scent in their daily life and with the hope of connecting people to nature, regardless of where they are.

WOODS utilizes organic, wildcrafted and vegan ingredients to create a synergistic blend of essential and plant oils that not only treat an array of skin conditions, but also help to deeply create a spiritual skincare ritualbecause feeling good is essential for enhancing holistic well-being.

MO MI group.jpg

mo mi beauty

MO MI by Modern Minerals was founded on the philosophy that beauty is interconnected and that our emotive qualities are reflected in our physical features. Emotive beauty is core to MO MI: We hope that our products are tools for empowerment, thoughtfulness and harmonious living with the earth.

The line consists of safe mineral-based cosmetic products for face, eyes, and lips as well as a unique range of "emotive" cosmetic and salon-quality vegan organic hair products, which are infused with Lotus Wei essences – blush rose quartz, intended to help energize love and self nourishment, and Korean pink lotus flower, which is intended to inspire users to bloom into their true selves.


Mālayā Organics

Mālayā Organics is committed to creating 100% natural face, body and hair products using only the highest quality, organic, wildcrafted, biodynamic, and ethically sourced advanced natural actives. Formulated by Katya Slepak, who has an extensive background in skincare and fragrance product development, Mālayā Organics is handcrafted in small batches. The formulas are filled with phytonutrient-dense whole-plant extracts, that are infused in-house to ensure ultimate potency. These restorative blends are intricately multilayered and brimming with nourishing plant oils and essences.

The high-performance line consists of skin and body products including a lightweight vitamin-rich face serum / oil that's crafted with 26 active botanicals, a black clay facial bar, raw wild honey neem mask, two bestselling body oils, two botanical-rich gentle body polishes, luxuriously scented nontoxic (coconut wax) candles, a soothing body bar, giftable bath products, a revitalizing hair oil, and lavender lip balm.


cupid & psyche

Cupid & Psyche is beginning this beauty revolution with a line of trendsetting lipstick created by fashion photographer Tracy Toler-Phillips. With more than 20 years of observing what is both trendy and wearable, Tracy has created products that are both visually appealing and responsible. All of Cupid & Psyche’s products are bee-friendly, cruelty-free, vegan-friendly and hand-poured.

Cupid & Psyche’s mission is to give back to the world we love. A percentage of all profits from Cupid & Psyche are donated to saving bees and animal non-profits. Beauty that looks good and feels good.

About the lipsticks:
• bee-friendly with a beeswax free formula
• gluten-free
• vegan waxes
• cruelty-free
• paraben-free
• created with organic oils such as grapeseed and jojoba and botanicals like orchid, Japanese honeysuckle, and sea lavender


wild grace

From soil to soul, Wild Grace is an intentional skin + perfume brand founded by Ayurvedic practitioner, Kim Parenteau. Kim’s in-depth knowledge of herbology, ancestral plant medicine and Ayurveda prompted her to create a plant-based skincare line that will not only nourish and rejuvenate the skin, but that will also promote mindfulness and holistic healing through daily self-care rituals.

Guided by Dosha, real whole plants were carefully selected for each Wild Grace formulation by Kim. Dosha principles also guide individuals when choosing which potent and synergistic lineVata, Pitta, Kaphawill assist in restoring radiance to their skin

Wild Grace allows its users to connect with their innermost selves and celebrate the sacredness within. As skincare that flows from soil to soul, every lovingly created product will not only help bring balance to the skin, but balance to the self.