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Pink Moon has an intensely rigorous and intentional approach when adding a brand to our roster. We are dedicated to thoroughly investigating the ingredients, mission, and efficacy of every brand we work with to ensure that they align with our ethos and meet our standards. 

Every brand we work with has been determined to have a commitment to creating high-quality and efficacious products in an ethical fashion. We also strive to work with brands that are using their platform to make a positive impact.

If you're a boutique, spa, wellness center, concept store, online shop, or distributor and are interested in carrying one of the below brands, please send us a note at info (at)




Mongolia's first natural global skincare brand. Lhamour is a mission-driven brand and social enterprise that’s revolutionizing the Mongolian economy, empowering local citizens, celebrating Mongolian landscapes and people, and ultimately changing the way the world sees Mongolia.

Rooted in the philosophy of love – love for yourself, others, and the environment, Lhamour is more than a skincare brand. It’s truly founded on the basis of love. The founder, Khulan Davaadorj – named ‘Woman of the Year’ by the Prime Minister of Mongolia in 2016 – is a strong advocate for the empowerment of women, environmental justice and the marginalized populations of Mongolia. Through her business, Khulan hopes to bring global awareness of Mongolia's beautiful landscapes, rich traditions, and hardworking people; and, Lhamour aims to be a company that gives back whenever possible.

Lhamour is an inclusive line and creates products for everyone. Particularly, the products are effectively healing for eczema, extremely dry skin, scars and wounds, and other complex skin issues. Even an allergy hospital in Mongolia uses Lhamour’s soaps and body butters as remedies for eczema and psoriasis. All the raw materials are ethically, sustainably sourced from Mongolia’s natural bounty – including sea buckthorn, grass-fed tallow, rosehip, nettle, thyme, and yak's milk.

Product line includes: handmade soaps for all, body and face oils, a hair oil, body butters, a healing salve, a hand butter, lip balms, cleansing balm, bath bombs, a coffee body scrub, a foot salve, nipple butter; as well as lifestyle: camel cashmere and yak down blankets, rock salt lamp, face towels, air diffuser, and essential oils.

Certifications: The soaps are certified organic by Mongolian Chamber of Commerce.

Giving back: Girls in STEM (program created by Lhamour to inspire young girls in Mongolia), employing people from marginalized communities


Earthwise Beauty

Earthwise Beauty is an award winning high-performance artisanal skincare line from Spokane, WA. Earthwise Beauty products are innovative, potent and distinguishably fresh due to their meticulous and creative formulations. The uniquely vivid colors, textures, feeling, and scents provide users with an unparalleled multi-sensory experience.

Each Earthwise Beauty product is high-performing, one-of-a-kind, luxurious and botanical-based that smells of wildflowers, dew-covered meadows, and mimosas in bloom. All formulas are developed by herbalist and flower essence practitioner Ava Zhan. The formulas are based on ancient herbal-healing traditions from around the world, passed down by generations of healers, and on advanced therapeutic aromatherapy. Each formula is painstakingly developed, tested, and mixed in small batches to imbue it with a lovingly handcrafted energy.

Product line includes: highly potent yet highly effective herbal serums and face oils, healing masks, a soothing vegan mist and toner, face balms, an eye serum, a non-pore-clogging sun protectant powder, a subtly foaming cleanser, and teas.

Certifications: Cruelty-free certified by Leaping Bunny, PETA, and Logical Harmony

Giving back: SeaLegacy


Mālayā Organics

Mālayā Organics is a Brooklyn, New York based high-performance line founded by Katya Slepak, who has an extensive background in skincare product development and perfumery to put into the creation of Mālāya’s skincare, body care, hair care, candles, and plant-based fragrances.

Products are made by hand in small batches from certified organic, wildcrafted. biodynamic, ethically sourced potent plant-based actives. In addition to being botanically based, Mālāya is results-driven and luxurious – each product is filled with active phytonutrient-dense herbal extracts that are infused in-house to ensure ultimate potency.

Product line includes: an emulsifying cleansing oil, a bamboo + rose water mist, a lightweight vitamin-rich face serum that's crafted with 26 active botanicals, a peptide-rich eye serum, powdered face scrub, a black clay facial bar, raw wild honey neem mask, body oils, botanical-rich body polishes, luxuriously scented nontoxic (coconut wax) candles, a soothing body bar, giftable bath products, a revitalizing hair oil, lavender lip balm, and natural perfumes.

Certifications: Most ingredients are certified organic by USDA or Oregon Tilth; Malaya Organics is also EU compliant

Giving back: charity : water


moss skincare

moss was founded by astrophysicist-artist and holistic acne specialist Celestyna Higgins in 2015. Driven by an innate talent for formulation and the desire to create potent and natural skincare, Celestyna has created a unique luxury science-based line that combines potent botanicals with clinically tested technologies.

Handcrafted in Aurora, CO, moss celebrates the synergy between nature and science. Through creating a line formulated with potent actives that are gentle to the skin, she has made products that are natural but in no way a compromise for those who are drawn to advanced dermatological technologies. 

Although moss specializes in anti-acne + anti-aging skincare, everyone can enjoy their line because every single product is a multi-tasking and multi-correctional powerhouse.

Product line includes: a gentle gel to oil to milk cleanser, luxurious emulsifying lemon-rose cleansing balm, vitamin C exfoliating serum, a hydrating & reparative emulsion, spot treatment that combats and heals acne, peptide-rich serum, and a tinted sun protectant zinc oxide powder.

Giving back: Together Rising, RAICES


activist collective

Made in sunny southern California, Activist Collective was born when founder, Allison, began creating products to heal her compromised skin. Throughout that process, Allison began to develop a profound respect and connection to nature.

Created on the premise that self-care is a necessary component of being an effective advocate, Activist Collective believes that the physically and emotionally regenerative experience of a nurturing and efficacious skincare routine can reinvigorate our entire being. This allows us to be better advocates for the causes that we are passionate about: by caring for yourself, you will be better equipped to care for the world.

Activist is a thoughtfully curated range that aims to make self-care a safe and nurturing space. Part of this involves the Activist Method, a straightforward yet efficacious 4-step routine that celebrates simplicity.

Product line includes: a blue-green ocean algae oil-gel cleanser, rinse-off cleansing oil, a balm-to-milk cleanser, a restorative toning mist, silky smooth hyaluronic serum, moisture sealing nutrient-dense face oil, and a CBD relief balm.

Giving back: 5% goes towards environmental advocacy


cupid & psyche

Cupid & Psyche is beginning this beauty revolution with a line of trendsetting lipstick created by NYC based fashion photographer Tracy Toler-Phillips. With more than 20 years of observing what is both trendy and wearable, Tracy has created products that are both visually appealing and responsible.

Cupid & Psyche’s mission is to give back to the world we love. A percentage of all profits from Cupid & Psyche are donated to saving bees and animal non-profits. Beauty that looks good and feels good.

The lipsticks are:
• vegan and bee-friendly with a beeswax free formula
• gluten-free
• hand-poured
• cruelty-free
• paraben-free
• created with organic oils such as grapeseed and jojoba and botanicals like orchid, Japanese honeysuckle, and sea lavender

Certifications: Cruelty-free certified by Leaping Bunny

Giving back: David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, Pollinator Partnership, Humane Society International, Elephant Nature Park

HellenBrews 11491 copy.jpg


HELLEN is a collection of thoughtfully curated self-care tools created by Hellen Yuan, a New York based wellness practitioner, certified aromatherapist, fashion designer and entrepreneur with over 20 years experience in the luxury, ready-to-wear fashion industry.

Created from a personal need for transformative healing, every HELLEN bath brew is multilayered with Reiki energy, potent healing mixtures of organic essential oils, therapy grade salts, flowers, crystals, and landscape cinematic sound.

What's unique about HELLEN bath brews is the curated cinematic landscape sound bath playlist. While wonderful for creating a relaxing ambiance, sound also contributes to healing by prompting the brain to relax as it enters into the theta state (a creative and free-flowing mental space). Studies at universities such as John Hopkins, MIT, and Brown, verify that sound can be used to promote healing among patients dealing with various ailments.

HELLEN’s special bath brews will strengthen and soothe your spirit – leaving you filled with love, balanced and ready to take on your world.

Brew yourself back into being.

Certifications: Cruelty-free certified by Leaping Bunny

Giving back: bees trees water