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what clients & past employers have said

We were extremely excited to find Lin when we decided to rebrand our product line. Her knowledge and insight in the beauty industry as well as experience in marketing / rebranding / branding is a breath of fresh air to revive our own company focus. When working with someone like Lin, you will find your own solutions and ideas that Lin brought to the surface. Lin is very easy to work with and has kept us focused throughout this process. Lin’s strategies for marketing and rebranding, for our company, are bar-none which you will notice within 5 minutes of speaking with Lin. We plan on working with Lin for a very long time and highly recommend her services to anyone who wants to move forward in a fast-moving and changing business environment.”

— Fran Loudas, CEO & Founder of [company being rebranded]


"It has been an absolute pleasure getting to know Lin. She is very personable, friendly and easily approachable. Lin truly cares and believes in the brands she works with, which shows through her dedication and work ethic. I believe that Lin cares a lot about the people she works with and puts a lot of love into her work – this all shines through as she has made clients into her personal friends.

— Diane Read, Founder of MOdern Minerals Makeup


"Lin originally joined our team at Ayla in a customer service role and, by virtue of passion, curiosity, dedication, and hard work, quickly grew her responsibilities to include a variety of marketing and social media endeavors. She is a quick learner who absolutely loves working in beauty and wellness; she also simply has a great heart and cares deeply about the companies and individuals she works with. Her commitment, enthusiasm, and attention to detail make her a great team member!"

— Dara Kennedy, Founder of Ayla



“I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Lin, and came to know her as a truly valuable asset to absolutely any team. She is a well-rounded beauty industry professional and a true specialist in the luxury organic skincare sector. Bottega Organica would not have survived as a brand without her attention to details and commitment to growing the brand. Her contribution to product development, marketing and social media, customer care and sales has been invaluable. Her knowledge of the luxury organic skincare sector and expertise marketing and business development is impressive. She put this skillset to work in order to launch Bottega Organica in various parts of the world including Norway, Australia, Hong Kong, and across both coasts of the US."

— Paolo Manfredi, COO & Co-founder of bottega organica


"Lin is a pleasure to work with. Her commitment and expertise in the wellness and beauty industry has proved to be an asset to our brand. Lin is a first-rate all-rounder, whether it's public relations, business development, sales, or marketing, she is fully competent. She refined our marketing plans and helped us expand overseas. Lin often goes above and beyond her responsibilities to keep us focused on multiple PR and brand development projects. As a new company in the eco-luxury beauty industry, we are fortunate to have Lin on our team.

— Ervina Wu, Co-founder of 5yina


"Lin has been an absolute pleasure to work with. She has jumped into all aspects of Violets Are Blue to aid in our growth, which has steadily grown this past year. Lin has helped keep me organized and on track, and there is no job too small for her to jump into helping us grow and spreading the word! Her work ethic is amazing, and she has the respect of the green beauty community, which helps open doors. She is also a pleasure to work with on a daily basis, which is a major plus!"

— Cynthia Besteman, founder of Violets Are Blue